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What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a disease in which the body’s immune response is turned against itself. This leads to chronic inflammation of the skin and typical psoriasis symptoms, i.e patches of red, raised, flaky skin covered with silvery scales.

Who is affected and why?

More than 125 million people worldwide are affected by psoriasis. Psoriasis can start at an early age (16-22 years) or only later in life (57-60 years). Genes play a big role: at least 70% of affected children have a family history of psoriasis. Other causes or triggers include bacterial infections, stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and certain medications.

What are the symptoms of psoriasis?

More than 90% of people with psoriasis have ‘plaque’ psoriasis, which are round or oval shaped patches of raised, red, flaky skin covered with silvery scales. They may be itchy and painful. The symptoms of psoriasis tend to come and go in distinct episodes and can be physically and psychologically disabling. It is not uncommon for people with psoriasis to feel embarrassed and to experience anxiety, depression and major difficulties at work.

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Which areas of the body are affected?

Psoriasis is commonly found on the scalp and severe dandruff is one of the hallmarks of psoriasis. Other common areas affected include the face, knees and elbows, genitalia, palms and soles. Psoriasis may also affect fingernails and toenails, causing unsightly discolouration and damage.

What is Linotar with Emzaloid?

Linotar differs from other topical treatments by its novel Emzaloid technology. Emzaloid is a skin penetration enhancer that ensures quick and effective penetration of Linotar into the affected areas. In addition, Emzaloid contains essential fatty acids that help soothe the skin and restore the skin barrier. The result is a 3-pronged approach to the treatment of psoriasis:




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What is the Linotar treatment system?

The treatment system consists of Linotar Gel, Scalp Conditioner and Moisturising Cream. These three products provide effective treatment results for psoriasis when used together. Linotar Scalp Conditioner and Moisturising Cream also contain Emzaloid technology, which speeds up the effect of coal tar when used in conjunction with Linotar Gel. These two products are rich in essentail fatty acids and provide additional soothing action, protection and restoration of the skin barrier.

What is Linotar Gel?

Linotar Gel is a first-line topical coal tar treatment for psoriasis. Coal tar has been used for over a century for psoriasis as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other therapies. Studies have shown Linotar Gel to be as effective as Vitamin D analogues and more effective than traditional coal tar preparations for the relief of psoriasis symptoms.

What is Linotar Gel?

Linotar Gel 

is easier to apply with substantially less odour and staining compared to other coal tar preparations. 
Applying Linotar PSE Moisturiser or leave-on Scalp Conditioner helps to mask the coal tar odour.


  • Shampoo hair morning or night and towel dry
  • Apply Linotar Gel to lesions – if still wet after 2 minutes you have used too much
  • Apply Linotar Gel 2 – 3 times daily
  • Apply Linotar Scalp Conditioner lightly to affected areas only – do not rinse off
  • Repeat Linotar Scalp Conditioner at midday and night if possible


  • If lesions are red and/or warm use only in diluted form
  • Wash body gently using hypo-allergenic soap
  • Apply Linotar Gel to lesions and allow to dry – if still wet after 2 minutes you have used too much
  • Apply Linotar Gel 2-3 minutes times daily
  • Repeat Linotar Moisturising Cream gently to affected areas and repeat as often as needed

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* Linotar Gel can be claimed through your Medical Aid.

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